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If there is a social media site out there, chances are I’m on it. I love to FacebookYouTubeTweet and Tout, but my newest obsession is Pinterest.

When I was growing up, I had a cork board on my wall at home where I would pin pictures I cut out of magazines. It was full of things I loved, things I wanted, inspiration, motivation. Pinterest is a virtual cork board.

Would you ever think of doing a veggie platter like this?

What about deviled eggs in the shape of baby chicks?

Did you know you can braid really short bangs with just two pieces of hair?

Quick Way To Braid Short Bangs

Or store cutting boards on a cabinet door using a magazine rack?

These are all things I found on Pinterest. It’s cheaper than a magazine (free).  And the ideas are endless.  It’s also a great marketing tool for businesses. For instance, my close friend designs housewares products for her family’s company, Architec Housewares in Delray Beach. She pins her products on Pinterest. Someone repins them until pretty soon people all over the country are seeing her cutting boards, cups and colanders.

The one downside to Pinterest is that I find myself shopping more often. You see something you like — you can easily order it. For instance, this green dress I spotted on Pinterest should be arriving in the mail for me any day now.


As well as this bathing suit.


I would have already ordered this leopard and striped skirt if I could find it. Some people pin without a source, so you have to do a little searching on your own. After some investigating, it appears the skirt is a Dolce and Gabbana from a few seasons ago. So it’s probably not available and definitely not in my price range. But it’s hot, isn’t it?


Some social media sites may not make it (think MySpace), but I’m pretty sure Pinterest will always have an audience, mostly female. It’s different from Facebook and Twitter. It’s stylish. It’s useful. I just hope my wallet can withstand it.


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